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Zsuzsi Hartman 1948-2010

This website showcases a collection of paintings by ZsuZsi Hartman, information about her legacy and provides a resource for events and exhibitions that may be of interest to you.

Zsu Zsi’s career as an artist, teacher and art therapist spanned over four decades. She is represented in the Gallery of Western Australia, in corporate and private collections across Australia, Israel and the US. She taught students of all ages, all walks of life, in schools, prisons, nursing homes and in her own private art school.

Spirit in Art© was the business name and philosophy created by ZsuZsi. Her teachings and courses inspired people to find their creative voice and power. ¬†We plan to continue Zsu Zsi’s legacy Sprit in Art© building on her foundation - her work, her mind and her heart.
If you have been touched by ZsuZsi - her art work or her teachings we would love to hear from you as her family and friends and anyone who comes across this website can continue to draw inspiration.

Browse the online gallery to see a cross section of her works from various exhibitions. Paintings and limited edition prints are available for purchase and if you would like to be included in our list of activities please let us know.

Opening hours for the Gallery:
Sundays 1 - 4pm (as of 3rd November 2013)

For private Gallery viewing call 0401 272 951